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A personal message to our CFFW community

CrossFit Federal Way Community;

I wanted to take a moment to update everyone on some recent issues that impact our gym community. As you are aware, in June, CrossFit Founder Greg Glassman tweeted an inappropriate response to a post by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at UW.  Many CF Affiliates took a stance against his insensitive tweet and CrossFit Federal Way was among them. We were prepared to make some hard choices, with the support of the community, about our future association with CrossFit leadership.

Largely driven by the worldwide response of CrossFit Affiliates and athletes, Greg Glassman resigned and sold CrossFit, Inc to a new owner.  Eric Roza is a technology entrepreneur and CEO who is also a nine-year CF Affiliate owner from Boulder Colorado.

I have had many conversations with our coaches and members about our direction and the impact of CrossFit Headquarters restructuring. There was never any question about the CrossFit functional fitness methodology – we remain completely committed to that program because it works so well. The question was whether we should associate with, and thereby indirectly support inappropriate attitudes and actions within the leadership of CrossFit, Inc.

Based on the ownership changes, more communications with the affiliates, and new initiatives set forth by CFHQ –  such as CrossFit Affiliate Representatives and the new CrossFit Scholarship program – we have decided to remain a CrossFit Affiliate moving forward.

We believe in the strength and power of our community at CrossFit Federal Way and we appreciate and thank all of you who helped build it. We have made this decision in the best interest of that community – continuing to build upon the proven CrossFit model and retaining the strengths and benefits of the CrossFit Affiliate organization – and will continue to grow and empower our members to be strong, healthy and ready to take on the future.

Thank you, and If you have questions – please do not hesitate to ask.