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The First Few Steps…

CrossFit Gym Owner Writing in notebook

Many say the first step is the hardest, that just getting started may be the toughest part of doing something, anything!

For me, I beg to differ. I face a new season, a new challenge, becoming an Affiliate owner.
It wasn’t getting started that was the hard part. I mean sure, there will be hard moments, days, weeks, months…I fully expect this road to be wrought with all kinds of bumps in the road and learning experiences. Yet, I cannot wait to take on all the challenges that will come my way in favor of creating community, connection, and helping people be better versions of themselves physically and mentally.

BUT, the hard part is…consistency.

Consistency makes all the difference, in the gym, with our nutrition, in our relationships, friendships, you name it. Consistency is the key to being successful. It’s not even about doing something well. Shoot, the only way to get GOOD at something is to do it poorly and fight to be a little better every time you do it. When I was training in karate, my Sensei used to end every class by making us repeat after him “Good, Better, Best. Never let it rest. Until your good gets better, and your better gets best.”

Anyone can do something well for a short period. Take FRAN for instance. No matter your fitness level, you know that it will be over shortly. And while after it’s you might roll around on the ground questioning your life decisions and wondering why in the hell your forearms hurt so bad. But it’ still over.

This is one of the first times in my life where I am staring down a path that I’ve longed to be on, but its a path that doesn’t have an end. And I honestly question if I have the tenacity to maintain this path.

Owning an affiliate will not be easy, working with people is messy… but I love that it’s messy and that none of us are perfect. I love that no matter where we come from, what our background is, our age, gender, race, sexual orientation, or any piece of the complex puzzle that makes us “Us” … a burpee is a burpee. A barbell is a barbell. And in this space, we are ALL equal.

So as I look down this path, I hope and pray for the grace to stay consistent. To not waiver on the things that make me excited to wake up and do life with and every one of you daily. Sure the parts of life I share with you to you might just be burpees… but to me, it’s so much more. And those of you who have been a part of this community know that. And I hope that together we can create a space where those looking from the outside in want to be a part of what we have!

Here’s to consistency, here’s to new adventures and risks taken, here’s to less judgment and more fitness, and more than anything. Here is to YOU, be you a member of our community already or someone wondering what this whole Crossfit thing is all about.

May this place be a place where we grow together and face the hardest parts of that journey…together.

Always working on the good until the good gets better and the better gets best.